Clock Repair

Greater Moncton's Clock Repair Authority


Our clockmaker has 10 years experience repairing mechanical clocks including: Grandfather, Mantle, Cuckoo, Wall, Old Tall Case Clocks (150 to 300 or more years old), Anniversary (400 Day clocks) Atmos and more. 

Specializing in Grandfather Clock Repair


At MWCR, our clockmaker takes a decidedly keen pride in restoring your Grandfather clock to its original condition with state of the art tools and effective and time proven techniques of the trade. 

Trust Your Clock to the Professional


Having your clock repaired by a hobbyist or amateur will only cost you more money in the long run. Save yourself the heartache and money by entrusting your Grandfather clock repair to our clockmaker at Moncton Watch and Clock Repair Inc. Call today for your particular clock repair need.